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まだホームページの作り方さえわからない頃、 「なんでも出来る」と「何が出来る?」を想い、マウスを動かせていた。

撮影した写真をスキャンして、それをFrontpage Expressに貼り付けてブラウザに見入っていた。

「丁度風のない海のように退屈な日々だった 思えば花も色褪せていたよ君に会うまでは」





When considering, it was the machine by which Photoshop5.0 operates somehow.
When I didn't know even how to make a homepage, "I can do anything"," which can do what" and I operated., Scan of the taken photograph was carried out, I stuck it stuck on Frontpage Express, and it was staring at the browser. I learned HTML, and understood the format of a picture and it uploaded to the provider. Although I did not carry out an idea to a possibility of stopping at global network surfers' eyes being included, either, I thinks that it will be such a thing.

"Until I meets you it was tedious days like the sea which does not have a wind and the flower was also being faded when Considering". There was the upsurge of a feeling like a section of song.

From it, I has just forgotten time and my sense was poured in. expression shut up as the disagreeableness and sunlight which were hidden were not seen -- a monitor's inside -- and it projected and copied out on the slip of paper. Actually, the sense and the information that the exquisite timing which he believes had a meaning at each new again are produced these days when various information has become complicated to virtual space.
The information on a character, the information on a picture, a sound, an image ...
Self and the grade are going up with environmental evolution?

If it strives for a sense, however I continue wanting to run it with sufficient vigor calmly carefully forever. On my mind.

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